How Loft Conversion Can Be Handy

A loft conversion can give you and your family a great new space to enjoy, whether you choose to have an extra bedroom, maybe an en-suite bedroom, a home entertainment suite or even a home gym, any kind of space that you and your family needs. A loft conversion can make those dreams come true.

A loft conversion can provide the space to create an office or library away from the rest of the family or if you are thinking about starting a company and work from home, this can be the ideal place. If the space available is not quite enough for what you hoped to do there are many options for you. Instead of having only sloping ceilings and velux windows, you could have a dormer, mansard or even hip-to-gable loft conversion depending on the possibilities of your property.

Loft conversions are a great addition to the home setup. They are usually nice and bright because they are situated on the top floor and have the benefit of skylight windows that give plenty of natural sunlight. From their position above other buildings, there is little that will obstruct light and its warmth from getting through the roof.

Moving home is both expensive and stressful. Costs include estate agent fees, stamp duty, solicitors fees and removal fees. You have the stress and hassle that goes hand in hand with moving home, such as moving children to another school, worries about finding a buyer for your home, long chains and securing a new mortgage.

Apart from the fact it means extra room for you and your family, if used in the right manner it can be a right little money earner.

The cost of a loft conversion depends on the type of roof and the condition prior to the conversion, plumbing that may need relocation, any additions or modifications to the rest of the house according to the building regulations. It should be noted that Velux conversion is cheaper than going for a dormer conversion. In cases where the hip and gable conversions are used which makes the conversion bigger, it gets more expensive, finance wise. For this reason, take a decision on the type of conversion you want considering your budget for such project.

There will be internal stairs to build, electrical wiring to install, perhaps even plumbing, so while painting and furnishing can be the job of home-owners, only experienced and qualified builders should do the job. A reputable loft conversion specialist can help you to decide, draw up plans, and carry out the work to your exact specifications.

A loft conversion is a relatively inexpensive undertaking, requires only a few weeks to complete and you will be increasing the value of your home by 20-30% or earn you money by renting it out.

Loft conversions are the best way to help the insulation on the property as more than 60% of the heat is escaping through the loft and roof. Having the loft converted will create a barrier between the temperature outside and the house; therefore there will be a minimal increase in the house bills. You might even find this space brighter, warmer and quieter. By investing in a loft conversion, you not only improve your lifestyle but also ensure a greater return from your propert

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